Friday, June 19, 2009

Add Your Review To The Quest

If you have visited a pizzeria lately, and the flavors are still lingering on your tongue, add your review as a comment below.

Please include as much of the following as possible:
  • Name of the Pizzeria
  • Location/Address
  • Phone
  • Manager - if you spoke with the manager
  • Description of the pizzeria - seating, size, etc.

RULES: We believe there are no bad fresh pizzas. The way we rate pizzerias are, "Do they serve their customers?" If a place is fancy and the pizza is not fancy, then they are not doing their job. If the place is a takeout pizza shop and has a great value, then it can't be compared to a gourmet pizzeria. However, it may be perfect for the customers it serves.

Share your thoughts. We love to hear from our readers and what they're eating.

Posted by Roger Blazic
Las Vegas Pizza Guy

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